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We presently have a number of ongoing projects. These include both fundraising efforts as well as efforts to locate and preserve our heritage. Some of these projects include:


  • The sale of memberships. For a $10.00 fee, members will receive an antique pewter colored pin depicting the society's logo and an opportunity to receive an annual newsletter.
  • The sale of Journeys Through Time - Clarenville, Hub of the East Coast. Written by Bob Hyslop in 2001, this book was originally designed to commemorate Clarenville's 50th Anniversary. Since then, the Clarenville Heritage Society has adopted this in an effort to raise funds.

Other Projects

  • Currently investigating the possibility of purchasing more railway cars to add to the railway museum on Marine Drive.

Quips and Quotes:

The present is the living sum total of the whole past.

~ Thomas Carlyle


Source: Journeys Through Time - Clarenville, Hub of the East Coast. 2001.

Want to find out more about the history of Clarenville? Why not purchase Journeys Through Time - Clarenville, Hub of the East Coast by Bob Hyslop.

Purchase Journeys Through Time Online

Proceeds of the book help support the Clarenville Heritage Society in its bid to preserve local history.

The book is currently available online at tidespoint.com,

at participating local businessses,

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or by emailing info@clarenvilleheritage.ca.