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The lantern was chosen to represent the society as it can be viewed as emblematic of its efforts to 'shed light' on the town's unique past.

Used extensively throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries as a source of lighting, the lantern serves as a warm reminder of days gone by.

The lantern also represents the railway - one of the primary reasons Clarenville developed and prospered - as lanterns similar to this one were used to signal trains (???)...


Quips and Quotes:

No harm's done to history by making it something someone would want to read.

~ David McCullough

Source: Journeys Through Time - Clarenville, Hub of the East Coast. 2001.

Want to find out more about the history of Clarenville? Why not purchase Journeys Through Time - Clarenville, Hub of the East Coast by Bob Hyslop.

Purchase Journeys Through Time Online

Proceeds of the book help support the Clarenville Heritage Society in its bid to preserve local history.

The book is currently available online at tidespoint.com,

at participating local businessses,

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or by emailing info@clarenvilleheritage.ca.